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Progression pathways

Progression pathways

Kayak/Canoe Pathways







Sprint & Marathon racing

Wildwater racing

Become a qualified coach



At WBB you’ll already have learned many basic moving water skills. Now learn to Eskimo Roll.

Go on some introductory whitewater trips.

Complete BCU 3* whitewater certificate

You will now have the essential skills for whitewater kayaking. Go run some rivers with your friends!

BCU 4 * Whitewater Leader Award - now you can safely lead others on whitewater.

BCU 5 * Whitewater award. Now you’re a pro!



Freestyle skills can be developed early on – just try a freestyle boat (aka playboat).

Attend our freestyle training sessions to nail the basics and learn to Eskimo Roll.

Go on some introductory whitewater trips where you can transfer those skills to moving water.

Complete BCU 3* freestyle certificate

Now you’ve done all the basic training. Get out with your mates, find a wave and have a play!

Enter a competition or two

Who knows, you could be the next GB Freestyle Team member!



The Olympic sport of canoe-slalom. At a basic level is done on placid water. Attend the WBB slalom training sessions and enter the WBB Slalom League.

Attend a Division 4 national slalom event which are always friendly and welcoming to beginners at slalom. You can progress through the divisions up to Div 1 and then Premier division.

Go for Olympic team selection?



By the time you’ve completed your BCU 2 * award, you’re fairly self-sufficient and some gentle river cruising, kayak fishing or wildlife watching is well within your grasp.

Complete BCU 3* Touring and Placid Water to develop skills and ensure safety.



Commonly available to hire at holiday destinations,seeing the coastline by kayak is an attractive proposition and specific sea kayaks are best suited for this.

Complete the BCU 3* Sea award to learn basic coastal safety and skills specific to sea kayaks

Attend a BCU Tidal Navigation and Coastal Planning course

Enjoy your journeying and meet some seals.



Just like you can surf on a board, surfing in a kayak can be really good fun and very exciting. At a basic level, any reasonably manoeuvrable craft will do the job, eg. a whitewater kayak.

Complete BCU 3 * surf award

If you want to take it further, get yourself a specific surf kayak and start riding the tubes!


Sprint & marathon racing

WBB doesn’t have suitable craft or water for this. You’ll need to find a specific racing club.

There are several based to the west of London on the Upper Thames such as Richmond Canoe Club and Royal Canoe Club.


Wildwater racing

You’ll need to find a specific racing club. Its seeing a recent revival and there are one or two clubs in close proximity to London that could set you on the right path.


Become a qualified coach

Coaching others can be a rewarding pastime and and is a possible career. Many students work casual hours with us to help pay for their studies.

Complete Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT).

Volunteer to help the instructors at WBB when they are running sessions.

Become a BCU member and attend a BCU Level 1 Coach course.

Get some teaching practice and log your sessions and hours. Don’t forget to keep working on your personal skills certificates which will enhance your coaching remit.

Enjoy the experience of helping others learn and have a good time whilst you do it, but you needn't stop there - the coaching qualifications go all the way to Level 5.

Have a look at our Instructor Development Scheme

A Royal Yachting Association (RYA) & British Canoe Union (BCU) approved training centre, regulated by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS).

Westminster Boating Base is a Sport England Clubmark accredited 'Top centre'.

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