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17 Jun 7am 0 places remaining

Canoe-slalom away trip

Slalom kayaking trips for youth members

What is slalom?

Whitewater slalom, which was originally modelled on ski slalom, began in Switzerland in 1932. Slalom canoeing began on flat water, but soon switched to white water rapids.

Canoe slalom is a competitve form of canoeing and kayaking demanding skill, stamina and courage. The aim is to run a rapid river course marked by "gates" fast, and without touching.
A "gate" is two poles, suspended over the water. Green and white gates are negotiated in a downstream direction, red and white gates upstream. The gates are placed so that you must make tricky cross-current moves and use the eddies and waves.
You have to pass through all the gates in number order, and in the right direction - red ones upstream, green ones downstream. If you touch a pole with anything - paddle, boat, buoyancy aid, helmet or any part of your body - a 2 second penalty is added to your time. If you miss a gate out, or go through in the wrong direction or upside down, the penalty is 50 seconds - a wipeout in serious competition! The aim is fast and clean. Each competitor takes two runs, and the best run of the two counts.

Racing is conducted in several classes of boats: K1 - one man kayak, C1 - one man canoe, C2 - two man canoe. Results are divided by gender.

More info here: http://www.canoeslalom.co.uk/info/FAQs.htm


Our trips

WBB is running a few trips for youth members to get a taste of slalom. In division 4 - the entry level division -  the emphasis is on participation and fun rather than serious competition. Since our members learn to paddle on moving water on the Thames, they usually do well and bring home a few medals from each event.

It's a fun way of testing your skills and is rewarding when you perform well. 

Suitable for: BCU 1 Star holders and above

Multi-day trips will be camping overnight.



17th  June - Shepperton Weir, Shepperton - Division 3 & 4 - One day trip



Meet at WBB 7am

Return to WBB approx. 7pm



£18 + race entry fees

The cost of this trip covers minibus transport, equipment and coaching.

Additionally you will need to pay your race entry fees as appropriate and bring enough food and drink for the day.

If you are already a ranked paddler (division 3) you will need to enter in advance to avoid a late entry fee. For the newcomers division 4 you can pay your race fees on the day.


Race entry fees 2017

Div 4 entry fee £5.00 
Div 3 entry fee £8.25
Div 3 late entry (less than 15 days in advance) £9.50
Team entry fee £1.50 per boat (normally teams of 3)

Entry to 2nd or subsequent class £3.00 discount 


For example: A novice Division 4 paddler without BC membership, entering K1, C2 and the Team event for one day would pay:

temporary membership £2.50
Div 4 K1 fee £5.00
Div 4 C2 fee £1.00 (after discount. 2 people but one boat so entry fee of £2 shared between paddlers)
Team entry fee £1.50 (3 K1 boats so each paddler pays £1.50)
Total: £10.00

NOTE: If you have been ranked before, ie. promoted from Division 4, you will need to apply to be reinstated in the division you were in previously and obtain a bib. See here for more info: http://www.canoeslalom.co.uk/info/FAQs.htm#reinstatement


17 Jun 7am 0 places remaining

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Canoe-slalom away trip activities schedule

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