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Kayak or Canoe?

Kayak or Canoe?

What is the difference between a kayak and canoe

It is easy to get confused and not know the difference between kayak a canoe and a canoe and kayak. But with this handy article you'll soon become a master at telling the difference.


A kayak is (usually) a closed cockpit craft where you sit with your legs in front of you and use a paddle with two blades.

Kayaks originate from the Inuit's of the Antartic, traditionally used for hunting. You'll now find many varieties of kayak in all manner of colours, shapes, sizes and specialised towards specific disciplines within the sport such as freestyle, whitewater, touring, sea and surf kayaking.

A group of our youth members out in a variety of kayaks


A Canoe is a open craft typically with symmetrical ends where you kneel and use a single bladed paddle. 

Commonly called "open canoes" or "Canadian canoes" they originate from the Americas and are associated with the indigenous peoples of America. Who traditionally used them for hunting and transport. The canoe is now used recreationally across the world, due to the large size it is ideally suited to day trips and canoe camping adventures.

Two of our "upper deckers" enjoying themselves in a canoe,

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