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Crowdfunder boat project

Crowdfunder boat project

Crowdfunding boat project

We've started a crowdfunding project to raise funds for equipment - specifically a much needed new laser dinghy and a handful of kayaks. Our initial target is £3800.

The project is COMPLETE! It totalled at £15,765 including £2500 prize money from LONDON SPORT. Many thanks to all our pledgers and donaters.

This isn't like making a regular charity donation though - there are plenty of juicy rewards for your donation and many would make great presents for birthdays or Christmas. Some have limited availability.


Take a look here:



This is our first time fundraising in this way and this has the support and backing of both London Sport (who promote sport in London) and Crowdfunder (the website). If our project is successful, we stand to get an extra dollop of cash from these organisations.

More about the support we are getting from Crowdfunder and London Sport:



Our crowdfunding supporters wall of fame

Thanks to all the following amazing people for supporting our small charity:



Kirsten Percival

James Moseley

Lizzie Holkham

Richard Sczcepanski

Ailsa Graham

Liz Mortensen

Odette Donnachie

Fiona Taylor

Julian Bowers

Aurore Belkin

Meropi Lambrou

Sarah Wilkes

Olivia Carbone

Patsy Harper

Carolyn Brennan

Andy MacGarr

Thomas Brennan

Catriona Edmead

T. Kyle


James Kennedy

Jacob Przeklasa

Peter Cunnell

John White

Barbara Flynn

Stephen Bishop

Kate Pettem

Mary Ollard

Christine, Lucas's Grandma

Rebecca Walsh

Magali Moutreuil

Paola Bernoni

Orshoya Fulop

Olivier LeMaigre

Hazel Barker

Dominic, Laura and Nell Colenso

Miranda Waller

Kevin Burke

Mel & Youssef

Sophie Pask

Eric Morgan

Oliver Overstall

Angelina Chueh

Amy Cameron

Nigel Edmead

Gary Mooney

Christine Sharp

Christopher Taylor

Lorraine King

Adriana Ford

Chris Sloan

Elaina Ford

Pippa Viles

Alan Price

Charlotte Moseley

Lucy Bodenham

Lorenz Kroeber

James Wiltshire

Hannah Lee Miller

Chantal Coady

Ian Heath

Marcus Nettleton

Eva Driskell

Paul Miller

Patsy Harper

Frederick Bowling

Land of Characters

Zenon Colocassis

Angelina Chueh

Kevin Flynn

Duncan Webster

Russell Watkins

Diana Watkins

Tim Steel

Suki Tan

Gary Mooney

Pascale Gourlay

Khyrham Tose

Charlotte Moseley

Alexander Long

Kai Bradley

Reg Miles

Mary Brown

Christopher Taylor

Deepti Mathew

Frances Eustace

Ousmene Mandeng

Julia Lonsdale

Derek Wyatt

Sean Patterson

Anastasia Edwards

Andrew Innes

Julie Shankly

Elke Kerwick

Letty Sundt

Madoka Kumashiro

George Everett

Jeremy Tuck

Kai Lam

Helen Roach



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